Kenyan International Community (KIC) was founded in May 2002 in Washington DC, and is organized exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes. KIC’s has the following three key objectives: 

To provide a forum for the sharing of the unique Kenyan cultural heritage in all its diversity 

To encourage, assist and promote a sense of entrepreneurship among Kenyans abroad 

To assist Kenyans who suffer calamity or unforeseen hardships or difficulties.  

KIC has been proactive in sponsoring seminars in the Kenyan Community including legal counseling and education.  KIC has also organized social events in the community including picnics, parties and cultural awareness promotions by offering Swahili classes to benefit especially young Kenyan Americans.

Membership to KIC is open to all Kenyans (in Kenya and in foreign countries), or non-Kenyans who subscribe to the aspirations and goals of KIC.

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